How Golfers Can Do Muscle Building

There has been a misconception for a long time that golfers are not keen on muscle building, well that is not necessarily true. As much as golfers are viewed as the weaker link, they can still achieve muscle building effectively. All they need to do is know how to do it and use the right strategy. Everything in life, what you do and how you do determines the kind of results that you get. Even by just golfing but using the right technique, they can be able to do muscle building effectively and achieve body of their dreams. Some of the strategies that golfers can use in muscle building include:

How Golfers Can Do Muscle Building
How Golfers Can Do Muscle Building

Full body lifting for power

Even though golfers can build muscles on the tee, they will also have to engage in full body lifting off the tee for more strength and muscles. Picking a heavy weight off the ground above your head helps in aggravating muscle contractions which gravitationally stimulates the bones. Most trainers would advise for lifting heavy weights and have fewer repetitions for more muscle strength and bone density as opposed to having lighter weights with more repetitions .This is better as opposed to individual body training which works on strengthening a certain body part such as abs or biceps.  You should not train a certain muscle at a time but work on training all the muscles at the same time for more strength.

Strategic training

As much as all trainings are beneficial for the body, strategic training will help the body to achieve full body benefits. For muscle building, you should aim on strengthening of both bones and muscles. Most of the time what is used for full body stimulation is picking a weight from off the ground and lifting it to the head, shoulders and above the head then back down.  Most of the time deadlifts and squats are effective when it comes to full body stimulation and hence they should be incorporated to the exercise routine. They have great effects in a short time as opposed to other routines that are normally used such as pull ups, wood chops, medicine ball throws and twisting exercises.

What many people fail to realize is that sport mimicking movements are highly overrated since they only focus on a part of the body, unlike golf movements that engage the full body.


What we eat is very important when it comes to muscle building and body building in general. Muscles are mainly made up of protein and that is why many body builders are heavy on their protein intake. Other nutrient should also be incorporated in the diet such as fruits, vegetables, whole grain, carbs and plenty of lean meat. They will make sure that your body is able to recover fast from a workout and you have the energy you need. Apart from diet, there is also a legal and effective muscle building supplement that you can incorporate in your diet for best results.