Why Sports Store Owners Don’t Need a Personal Payroll Clerk

It’s great fun to own a sports store.  You get to see, sample and order all of the latest sports gear and you learn so much about different sports like golfing, sailing, cycling and more.  And every time your new inventory arrives, it’s almost like you are receiving a Christmas gift.  Getting new stock is probably one of the most exciting parts about owning a sports store.  But not everything about owning your own sport store is fantastic.  One of the biggest downsides is trying to make payroll while your store is at its busiest.  Clients are constantly buzzing in and out and you have to manage chaos on the floor while trying to keep your head with the difficult payroll.   You might soon think of hiring a personal payroll clerk but you couldn’t be more wrong in thinking that.

Why Sports Store Owners Don’t Need a Personal Payroll Clerk

Payroll clerks are expensive

One of the biggest reasons why you shouldn’t hire a payroll clerk is due to the expense.  Most payroll clerks are incredibly expensive and to be honest, there isn’t that much work to keep them busy all month long.  You only need their services when your company is nearing payday.

You could be putting your business at risk

Giving a personal payroll clerk access to your business accounts is risky.  Yes, paper leaves big trails that can give you clues on whether you are scammed but some people are incredibly cunning and can easily hide away the fact that they might secretly be robbing your company.

Yes, you still need a professional to do your payroll

Well, you cannot really get to your payroll yourself and hiring a payroll clerk is probably not the best idea for your sports store.  So what can you do?  The solution is simple.  You can simply outsource the payroll work to a payroll company who can do everything for you professionally.

What a good payroll company can do for you

A good payroll company can do a lot for your business. Payroll services mostly include the following;

  • Payroll companies will do all the calculations for salaries and deductions like medical aid for you.
  • They will check the amount of leave days, sick days or off days for each employee and calculate the salary accordingly.
  • Payroll companies can do all of the payments on your behalf and they are incredibly accurate and timely.
  • They will supply you with professional pay slips that employees can use to see how their salaries are calculated and that they can use for applications for personal loans and personal accounts.
  • Payroll companies can process your payroll with the same software that your company is comfortable to use.
  • You don’t have to visit their office to get your payroll done. Everything can be electronically transferred so you can have more time for yourself and your business.
  • Employees can check online and apply online for annual leave or check their leave balances on their virtual pay slips.

Payroll companies don’t have access to your personal company bank accounts which keeps your company as safe and secure as possible.

Improve Your Golf Game through Better Local Access to Suitable Facilities

Every golfer knows that the key to a better golf game is practice. But getting the practice you need might not be easy if you aren’t near quality facilities. If you have limited time away from the office and the pressures of family obligations, sacrificing some of your free time to driving to the nearest course may not be practical. And the more practice you miss, the more your game can suffer.

So, how do you get yourself into a situation that allows you to practice more often? Start at home.

Improve Your Golf Game through Better Local Access to Suitable Facilities

Home Location

You might not be able to control where your employer is located, but you can make decisions regarding the location of your home. If golf is truly a priority, and your house is located far from suitable courses or other facilities, then you can choose to find a better location.

Yes, moving to a new home isn’t easy. That’s why you have to determine how important your golf game is to you before considering such a big change. If making a move is possible, then you can start the house hunting process. Research locations that are near to great courses or driving ranges and determine your budget by qualifying for a mortgage. For example, f you are interested in being near the Royal Melbourne Golf Club, then consider working with mortgage brokers Melbourne.

Then, find a local real estate professional who can research properties based on your budget and preferred location. You can give them parameters to help limit their search area to properties that meet your needs. If you need to be within a 15-minute drive to a suitable course or practice area, they can give you information about homes within that range only.

Once you find a suitable property, you can move forward with the purchase just as you would when buying a home any other time.

Home Amenities

If moving isn’t an option, then consider how you can bring the golf course experience into your home. For those living in the proper climate, you can consider adding a putting green to your backyard. This allows you to practice some of the fundamentals of the game without having to head out to a different facility.

Golf simulators can also be added to your property as long as you have a suitably sized space. This can include room in a basement, a bonus room, or even a garage. Many of these simulators require a surprisingly small amount of room and may be ideal for practicing a variety of swings and situations. If you’ve never used a simulator before, you might be able to check one out at certain large retailers or golf facilities. That way you can understand the value before making the investment.

Vacation Property

An alternative to securing a new home or installing your own facilities is to acquire a vacation property near a great course. That way, when you do get time away from work, you can easily access the facilities you need to improve your game.

While this might not be ideal for regular practice, it can be a great option for week-long intensives. It also can serve as an excellent way to escape the every day when you have some time off to spend on yourself.