Sports to Try When You’re Not Golfing

We understand that you came to this site because you want to learn all you can about your favorite sport: golf. But, did it ever dawn on you that there are some really cool sports out there that are just dying to welcome you into their experience? Seriously, we want you to think about these sports to try when you’re not golfing. Who knows? You might find a new favorite.

For instance, before we begin our list, have you ever considered longboarding? Think about taking a 41 inch, laminate maple deck down a steep incline. Imagine the thrill of the speed, and the exhilaration of the wind. If that strikes your fancy, you might want to read about the best longboards for beginners in 2017. You will get all the information you need to try this new extreme sport on for size. And then, you might discover that these other extreme sports take the boring out of your golf game.

Sports to Try When You’re Not Golfing

The Most Popular Extreme Sports That Take the Boring Out of Life

We’re not trying to say that golf is boring, per se. Rather, we want you to open your eyes to some sports that might be infinitely more challenging and exhilarating. That doesn’t mean you have to give up golf. Just think about the most popular extreme sports that take the boring out of life, whenever you’re not playing:

  1. BMX- You know you had dreams of BMX racing when you were a kid. You were enthralled by the tricks they could do on their bikes and the speed with which they sailed over those dirt mounds. Besides, if you were ever any good at it, you could dream of Olympic competitions!
  2. Highlining– Ok, so this one is pretty scary, if we are being honest. Imagine rope walking over a huge gorge, and you will understand the adrenaline push of highlining. The rope you walk on is stretchy and can swing a good deal. There’s no safety net, but even with the harness, this seems a tad too crazy for us. Of course, it’s a good deal more exciting than a golf swing. Learn more.
  3. Bull Runs– Talk about lunatic. But, if you are looking to get chased by a bull with 50 to 100 of your closest strangers, this is the sport for you. You can travel to Spain, Portugal, Mexico, or Southern France to participate in that nonsense, if you are so inclined.
  4. Tow-in Surfing– A helicopter will pull you and your surfboard into a gigantic wave. The tow rope will be dropped once you’re in it, and then it will be up to you to surf your way out. A wipe out could be the death of you, if a sharp reef doesn’t injure you first.
  5. Volcano Surfing– Grab some plywood and head to a volcano. You’ll need some protective gear in case you hit volcanic rocks as you surf down the side of the volcano on the plywood. Cerro Negro appears to be the most popular volcano to surf. Of course, it’s an active volcano, so be sure you don’t make it mad. Read this.

Having looked at these options (and trust us, there are several more here), you might be thinking longboarding sounds a lot safer. So, read all the reviews at Top Sports Brands, and pick the board that’s best for you. But, if you just can’t hang, go ahead, stick to golf.