Steps to Becoming a Better Athlete

Sports is something that is very big nowadays. There are many different types of sports that people take part in. there are those that can be very active, and others that aren’t as active. Many people long to become athletes but it isn’t as easy as it looks. It requires a lot of hard work, patience and determination, and in many instances, people give up along the way. It also requires a lot of discipline since people need to practically worship their training schedules. Many of the athletes that have already made it in life have put in a lot of time and energy to get where they are. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the steps to becoming a better athlete.

Be an Example (to Yourself)

Many athletes that have made it in life are not only examples to others, they are also examples to themselves. It is important that you become an example to yourself in order to be the person or athlete that you want to be. The moment that you believe it, it will blossom into a reality. You have got to believe that you can become anything that you want to be.

Be Present

The next thing is to actually turn up for the training sessions and actually engage. Remain focused and most of all, work hard.

Be a Thinker

There are many athletes, or people who are of the mindset that it is the coach that should do the thinking. That is wrong, because the athletes also need to be thinkers. They shouldn’t be the type that always need to be told everything that they should do. They should be able to figure out how to best improve themselves, figure out what is working and what isn’t. they should be able to empower themselves through questioning, thinking, making connections, and being in a constant state of learning, refining, and improving.

Be Punctual

Being on time for the training is just as important as the training itself. It is important for people to always ensure that they are punctual for their training sessions, giving it priority over other things. That is why we are now going to review some of the best in-ground basketball hoops. This will make it easier for you to purchase one, if you’re a basketball fan.

Steps to Becoming a Better Athlete
Steps to Becoming a Better Athlete

The Best In-Ground Basketball Hoops

Like we had mentioned in the beginning of this article, there are many different sports that people can choose from, depending on their interests and resources. One of those sports events is basketball, highly popular in the United States.

Goalrilla GS with Tempered Glass Backboard

The Goalrilla GS is a durable in-ground basketball hoop that features tempered glass backboards, DuPont powder coating, welded steel poles, amongst other features. This system is durable and comes with the features below:

  • 60” x 38” backboard with aluminum frame
  • 3/8” thick tempered glass backboard
  • 6”x6” steel pole
  • 3’ overhang (distance between the backboard and the pole)
  • Goal height adjusts from 7.5’ to 10’
  • Anchor kit included, and it is installed in-ground with cement
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty that includes the glass
  • Pro-Style breakaway rim included


  • It has a strong and stable square base.
  • Comes with a powerful rebound because of the 3/8-inch tempered glass.
  • It has minor shaking, making it the perfect hoop for intense backyard games.
  • This hoop can withstand heavy pounding and dunking.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • The height is easily adjustable.


  • It costs slightly more than the other hoops.
  • Installation is easy but it takes a long time to install.
  • The hoop requires a lot of ground space besides the deep hole to root it down.

Spalding H-Frame In-Ground Basketball System

The hoop comes with a 60 inches by 38 inches’ steel framed 3/8 inch tempered, great for rebounds. It has an adjustable height of between 7 feet to 10 feet, making it perfect for both adults and teens alike, and it is easy to assemble.


  • 1 x 2-inch steel frame backboard with extruded aluminum rim
  • 3/8-inch thick board for better rebounds
  • Arena View backstop with four corner, Z-arm mounts
  • H frame board bracket for improved stability
  • Competition style breakaway rim with flex action


  • Positive lock breakaway rim and heavy duty make it easy for aggressive dunking and play
  • While most of the other systems allow a minimal height of 7.5, the Spalding H-Frame allows for 7 feet, making it convenient for kids.
  • Solid goalpost
  • The high-quality backboard makes this loop durable.


  • Extremely pricey
  • This backboard is pretty heavy, and installation could be quite tricky.

Spalding “888” Series In-Ground Basketball System

It comes with a steel frame of 72 inches by 42 inches, the 3/8-inch glass backboard consisting of tempered glass for great rebounds. It comes with an adjustable height of between 7 feet to 10 feet, and due to the J-bolt, its easily adjustable to anyone. It allows for intense play due to the heavy-duty NBA pole pad and flex break-away rim style that comes with the system.


  • The heavy-duty pole pad assures the players of safe play
  • Minimal vibration
  • Looks nice wherever it may be


  • The 24” deep hole that the manufacturers recommend isn’t very stable, and it would be better do add on an extra 6”.
  • It is too heavy and requires at least 3 people when installing the system.
  • Extremely pricey.

Silverback 54″ In-Ground Basketball System

This hoop features a 54 by 33-inch backboard with a 4.8mm tempered glass and aluminum frame that is long lasting. It has an adjustable height of between 7.5 feet and 10 feet, making it ideal for the whole family. It comes with a squared base of, and it is coated Dupont powder to prevent from rusting and keeping it shiny. When a player makes contact with the board, chances of injury are minimal because of the soft cushion created by the pole pad and backboard. The 2.5 feet overhang means that people can play underneath the hoop without the risk of crashing into the pole.


  • This is the perfect system for those on a budget, based on the benefits.
  • The anchor system makes it easy to install.
  • People can defend underneath the goalpost during competitive play due to the overhang.


  • It shakes when the ball hits the backboard.
  • It’s not as pro a basketball system as some of the others.

Goalsetter Captain In-ground Adjustable System

This hoop features a glass backboard that is 38 by 60 inch, consisting of 3/8 inch fully tempered glass with the H-Frame design. It has an adjustable height of between 6 feet to 10 feet, making it suitable for both adults and children, and the minimum height of 6 feet is great for an indoor experience. The anchor hinge system provides complete assembly and optimal stability.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty subject to proper installation.
  • Ideal for all ages.
  • Easy to assemble due to the ground anchor hinge system.
  • The four feet overhang offers a good clearance between the rim and the pole to do reverse layups.


  • The 6-inch pole thickness is likely to take a lot of ground space.


If one follows some of the tips that we have mentioned above, they are bound to become great athletes. It cannot be done in a day, but it is possible and has been done by millions of people. Basketball is highly popular and the hoops above are some of the best. You can read here for more information regarding these hoops.