Stop Sweaty Palms While Playing Golf with These Tips

Sweaty palms are annoying on most occasions but this condition can greatly affect your golf game.  Most golfers struggle with annoying sweaty palms.  Even the best of golfers end up with horrible hits when that smooth golf club simply won’t swing the way it should and keeps slipping around in your hands.  Professional golfers with this condition will usually undergo a procedure called endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy which is a permanent surgical procedure.  The procedure is very effective in relieving sweaty palms but those that only enjoy golfing as a sport or hobby and doesn’t want to undergo a surgical procedure can also find relief with these tips

Stop Sweaty Palms While Playing Golf with These Tips

Get a good quality glove

A good quality golf glove is one of the best ways to prevent sweating even if you have sweaty palms. On Top Down Golf you can check out the top gloves for golfers where you are bound to find a great glove that will help you control the dampness.  Here are some things to consider when you are shopping for a glove to manage sweating;

The right fit – Your golf glove should fit snug around your hand but shouldn’t squish too much so blood circulation will be cut off.  A glove that is too loose fitting will only slip along with the golf club.

Consider the material – Leather gloves are the most popular and they are great for those with sweaty palms because the leather grips firm even though your glove is damp and sweaty.

Consider your environment – Your environment does play a huge role in your glove.  If you are playing golf in a humid area then look for a glove with plenty of mesh and breathability so the glove will dry off quicker.

Ensure that your gloves aren’t worn down

Worn down gloves won’t give you any assistance with your sweaty palm problem. If your gloves have a slightly shiny look then it is time for a new set.

Remove your gloves between rounds

Remove your gloves when your turn is done with and don’t stuff the glove into your club bag. Turn your glove inside out and hang it out in the open so it will dry off a bit before the next round.

Take along a microfiber towel

A microfiber towel is a great add on to take along. The microfibers absorb sweat much better than any other towel and these towels dry off quickly. Golfers can use the towel to dry off a sweaty face and neck and to dry off soaked palms before putting your gloves back on.

Give home remedies a try

Home remedies usually aren’t very effective but it doesn’t hurt to try, right?  Home remedies like soaking your hands in sage tea or baking soda have been found to be quite useful and many golfers love to drink tomato juice during their games because it keeps your internal body temperature down so you will sweat less.  Golfers can also soak their hands in tomato juice a few times a day to help control the sweat.