The Treadmill Routine Every Golfer Needs

Having those fatty pockets all over your body, like saddlebags on your hips, abdominal fat or just regular fat anywhere else, can ruin a golfer’s game as well as their health. Nowadays, many golfers – beginners and experienced players alike – know the advantages of having a physical training program added in their golf regimens.

Cardio is essential for any athlete since it helps build stamina and burn excess fat for better sports experiences. Exercising on a treadmill is great for golfers since it can help you lose weight, regulate your health and play a better game on the golf course. With that said, here are some treadmill facts and routines that you can use in your golfing training and daily regimen to get ready for your next game:

Speed Workouts

Several treadmills assist you in monitoring your heart rate, the calories you’re losing as well as the distance you’re running as you exercise. The different speeds on every machine leave you with the choice of walking, running or jogging as per your stamina level. The floor of a treadmill is much softer and shock-absorbent than regular pavements and hardwood floors, which helps reduce the strain on your joints as you exercise.

Using Inclines

Golf courses usually have different slopes and levels, so you can mimic walking uphill to train for such courses by setting the incline on the machine accordingly. This will aid you burn fat by upping the intensity of the workout.

As a plus point, you won’t feel short of breath while climbing a fairway during your game as you build stamina and breathing capacity. During a regular 30- to 40-minute treadmill regimen, increase and decrease the incline multiple times for short periods of time as a stamina-building exercise. Increase the height of the incline as your stamina increases.

Interval Workout

In many regular golfing training programs, golfers are encouraged to use interval-training methods on the treadmill. One routine they recommend is 3, sixty seconds intervals of doing walk backward at a consistent pace. In addition, you can add some intervals of side shuffles at steady speed.

Each interval should be of 30 seconds concerning each direction, and the whole routine of intervals must be done thrice. An extreme workout involves intervals of 30-second sprints at high speed accompanied by 30-second rest periods. Do the sprints 10 times for maximum effect.

The Treadmill Routine Every Golfer Needs
The Treadmill Routine Every Golfer Needs

Get the right treadmill

If you are planning to do your daily golf regimen at home, you should get the right equipment for your routine. Different treadmills come with different models, prices, features, adjustments, and styles, so you need to pick the right one according to the speed and intensity you work out at, or according to space and budget, you have on hand.

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