Tips for Attaining the Perfect Golfer Body

Attaining the perfect golfer body is quite a challenge.  Golfing requires a body that is greatly balanced.  Your upper body and lower body need to have the right proportions and your overall weight should have a good balance compared to your height so you can put the right effort into swings and manage your shots much better.  Ideally, golfers shouldn’t be too skinny or the swing impact will be poor.  Golfers cannot be too bulky either since bulk muscle affects your ability to move and swing.  Obesity can also affect your endurance and swing on the field.  The ideal golfer’s body is a lean rectangle or trapezoid body type with moderate weight and strong muscle development.

With the right body type, you can enhance your game as well as your enjoyment of the game.  The right body weight balance enables you to play much more accurately and managed weight makes it easier to get around on the field.

Tips for Attaining the Perfect Golfer Body
Tips for Attaining the Perfect Golfer Body

Tips for the perfect golfer’s body

It isn’t easy to manage your weight in general, let alone when you are trying to attain the perfect golfer body.  Here are a few tips to help you get closer to the ideal golfer body.

Cardio workouts are important – Cardio workouts are the best type of workout for weight management.  With cardio workouts, you can drop all of those extra kilograms so you can endure and move around on the golf course easier without feeling exhausted during games.  But it is hardly easy to fit cardio sessions into your day when you have a lot of work.  A recumbent stationary bike is a great aid to those that want to combine work and workouts.  Some of these bikes are designed with a desk so you can cycle while you do your work and others give you access to various workout programs so you can monitor your progress and work your way towards the ideal body weight.  On you can check out the best recumbent stationary bike that you can use at home or in the office.  With one of these bikes, you don’t have to make time for workouts because you can work and work out at the same time.

Overall body exercise – When you are hitting the gym you should focus on an overall body improvement.  Don’t skip on leg day and don’t push too hard to develop strong muscles in your upper body.  The ideal golfer body’s upper body weight is proportional to your lower body weight.  When you are trying to bulk up and strengthen muscles you should be sure to target your entire body and not just a specific area.

Posture correction workouts – Great posture is so important when you are enjoying golf.  Wrong back and neck posture could lead to neck and back injuries when you are enjoying your game.  Include plenty of posture correction workouts and visit a chiropractor to see if you can get your spine aligned for better overall health and a much better posture.

Working towards the ideal gofer’s body is going to be quite a challenge but it is definitely worth the extra effort since your entire body will look much better and your overall health will be improved.