Tips for Golfers to Go Organic

You might be too involved in the game to realize that your lifestyle is an unhealthy one! That’s not just unhealthy for you, it is unhealthy for the environment as well. Most golfers tend to be older in age. Older men or women do not realize the impact we have on the planet is a real one. These golfers end up ignoring climate change and even consider it fake. However, the reality is the climate is changing for the worst.

However, if everyone puts in their individual efforts, they can add to a major shift in the environment in the right direction. Small daily tasks, when done right, can help you save the world. For golfers, you need to ensure your game does not play a huge part in it. You might be using things that unbeknownst to you are harmful to the climate.

Tips for Golfers to Go Organic
Tips for Golfers to Go Organic

How to go organic? Read ahead and find out:

Do not Drink Bottled Water:

Bottled waters might seem like a necessity to golfers. After all, walking around on the huge golf course can be tiring and those swings are bound to make you sweaty and dehydrated. However, plastic bottles are non-biodegradable. This means they cannot be degraded through natural processes. Go ahead and visit any landfill, you would find a sea of plastic bottles. This plastic is not recycled either. The making and shipping of these bottles around the world release greenhouse gases.  This plastic is harming ocean life since the millions dump it.

How can golfers contribute to eliminating the plastic problem? You can start by buying a metal, durable water bottle. Fill it up and take it with you on the course. This way you will always have water on the go and not have to worry about the environment.

Use Organic Remedies:

Although, when it comes to a serious medical problem, you should definitely consult with a doctor and ditch home remedies. However, for smaller, trivial problems, it is much better to go organic. Out on the course, you will be met with an army of bacteria. Apart from that, most athletes share a common bathroom to shower. This shower can have millions of bacteria left behind by others. To treat minor infections or small problems, organic remedies can be your best friend. The plastic the medicines come in are harmful and due to their small size can be harmful to animals or fish because they can swallow them.

One example for female golfers is to use garlic for yeast infection. Garlic has a very strong odor and the chemicals that cause the odor are said to kill the yeast immediately. Treatments vary according to the intensity of the yeast infection. If you are in the early stages of the infection, a single, whole garlic clove might do. In the later stages, it is better to cut it in half for an intense odor. You can find other organic food remedies at Jiva Organic Foods.

Take Shorter Showers:

After a hard day at swinging on the golf course, you will be left with exhaustion and sweat. What most golfers want is a cold shower. However, we tend to take a lot of time in the shower. This tends to waste tons of water. Saving only five minutes in the shower can save up to 13 gallons of water. Saving water is one of the best ways of saving the planet, as 75% of the planet is water.  Baths waste even more water than showers. Filling up a whole tub takes a lot more water. You can try filling up a bucket of water and then scoop it out with a large mug. This way you will only use the exact amount of water you need.